Publishing success

Duration 5 h 30 m 53 s


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Publishing success

About Course

In this course, we teach you everything you need to know about the publishing side of your author's journey.

You will learn:

  • Get the foundations right
  • Cover design tips and tricks
  • Mastering Amazon keywords
  • How to be an Amazon Bestseller (using categories)
  • How to get ISBN numbers
  • Launch strategies
  • What the best promotion sites are
  • How to price your book
  • What the best launch strategies are
  • Lead magnets and email marketing
  • Setting up Amazon ads
  • How to upload your book to Amazon or any other store
  • And more…

Course content

videoMeet your instructor2 m 15 s Start
videoBookmark this login page1 m 3 s Start
videoJoin CES Pro, our community30 s Start
videoYour step-by-step process9 m 2 s Start
videoTrad vs self-publishing3 m 27 s Start
videoWhat is your "why"?3 m 16 s Start
videoCareer author5 m 22 s Start
videoBusiness plan + relaunching your book11 m 25 s Start
videoGet Your Book Foundations Right11 m Start
videoCover design tips and tricks30 m 13 s Start
videoISBN numbers: How do you get them?7 m 35 s Start
videoMastering Amazon keywords38 m 36 s Start
videoHow to be an Amazon Bestseller (using categories)33 m 52 s Start
videoHow to build your launch team7 m 41 s Start
videoWhat are the best launch strategies?25 m 27 s Start
videoHow to price your book4 m Start
videoLead magnets, landing pages, and email marketing9 m 11 s Start
videoHow to get more book reviews47 m 44 s Start
videoMore tips and tricks on how to get book reviews. And about the importance of audiobooks. Start
videoHow to upload to KDP23 m 58 s Start
videoWider distribution, the Amazon KDP Select program, and creating assets15 m 3 s Start
videoMarketing6 m 55 s Start
videoHow to set up Amazon ads28 m 45 s Start
videoBonus: Book Promotion Sites24 s Start
videoYou made it!2 m 23 s Start
videoNeed author services?30 s Start
videoLearn about marketing20 s Start
videoOne-on-one coaching41 s Start
videoGet more exclusive content in our CES Pro Community15 s Start
Joris van Leeuwen

Joris van Leeuwen


Course Instructor

Joris is the co-founder, project coordinator, and author coach at, a one-stop shop for authors that helps authors with every service they would ever need to publish and market their books successfully. He is also a traditional and self-published author of over 15 novels and countless short stories.