Writing Essentials

Duration 30 m 51 s


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Writing Essentials

About Course

In this course, writing coach and author Riley will teach you everything you need to know to pen down that fiction bestseller.

What is covered in this course?

  • How to build your world
  • The 5 senses and how you can use them to make your writing better. AKA: Show don't tell
  • How to write the best dialogue
  • Plotting styles
  • How to develop your characters

Course content

video Introduction 25 s Free
video Word building 6 m 56 s
video Lesson 2 - The five senses 6 m 34 s
video Lesson 3 - Dialogue 4 m 18 s
video Lesson 4 - Plotting styles 4 m 41 s
video Lesson 5 - Character development 7 m 36 s
video Next steps 21 s
Riley Quinn

Riley Quinn

Writing coach - author

Course Instructor

Riley Quinn is a Canadian writing coach, author and designer. A jack-of-all-trades in the literary industry, Riley has designed book covers and trailers for clients across North America and Europe. As an independently published author, Riley's novels have reached the Amazon #1 bestseller list and are sold in bookstores worldwide.northwest

Riley grew up in Western Canada, dividing his time between the prairies and the shores of the north-west coast. He approaches his work with passion and relentless attention to detail.